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The Stacks – Fayetteville visits 1920s Chicago

Fayetteville Stack Chicago Escape!

by Chris Britt

In 1930, Chicago is run by Al Capone, a ruthless mobster, and murderer. FBI’s Eliot Ness has him on trial in just one hour.

Capone is smart. Despite all his crimes, he’s never been in prison. He thinks he’s going to skate again. It was up to the Fayetteville Chapter of the Stacks, to become detectives and find the evidence that will lock Capone up once and for all.

As the team entered the quarters of CPT Ness, they were tasked to decipher clues, numbers, and letters to unlock drawers, cabinets, and a safe to find the evidence and get out in one hour. Keren, the only female there, carried the men on her back as she figured out some of the clues that Buck, Alex, and Chris could not decode. The team worked together and solved all the riddles and was able to escape.

The Stacks

Before, the team could exit the room with what CPT Ness needed, they needed help from the “Game Master” to unscramble the last clue and get out of the room. Buck, Chris, Alex, and Keren were able to escape with just 1:17 left on the clock and put Capone behind bars. Overall, the team had a blast together and were able to spread the word a bit about Stack Up and our mission.

If you are in North Carolina and would like to get involved with this chapter of The Stacks and participate in more events like this please check out their information HERE. Not in that part of the country, not to worry! You can find a chapter of The Stacks closest to you HERE and Stack Up with us today!

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