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the stacks a t rex is loose in san francisco bay area


February 11, 2016

Anthony Keeton began a mission this past Halloween. His mission was to find the elusive, inflatable dinosaur costume that had been such a hit during the holiday. After searching for a few months, he was able to obtain this elusive creature! He wore the costume outside and noticed all the attention it brought. Suddenly, it dawned on him to use the dino to bring attention to Stack-Up! He grabbed a piece of cardboard and wrote, “Support the Troops. Stack-Up.Org” and went out to the busy street corner. From there, he and his son, Memphis, went from corner to corner of the intersection dancing with their signs and stopping to take pictures for passing motorists. After approximately an hour of this activity, night began to set in, so the dinosaur and his boy did the same.


February 13, 2016


Two days later, another outing for the dinosaur was due. Anthony went bowling at the local bowling alley while his wife, Randi, wore her Stack-Up shirt. Immediately upon walking through the doors, the T-Rex costume was a hit with people rushing over to talk and take pictures with the dinosaur. After several interactions with patrons at the bowling alley, it was time for the T-Rex to show off his skills! On his first frame, Anthony was able to knock down all but one pin. His game went downhill from there, but he did attract the attention of more bowlers as they filmed his attempts to strike down the pins. Anthony had a blast right along with everyone and even did a few laps back and forth along the floor.



After leaving the bowling alley, Anthony again returned to the street corner with a new poster board sign and began dancing at each corner. He was backed up by his lovely wife and her cousin who were both sporting Stack-Up shirts. Anthony attempted to execute the SUDO push-up challenge dinosaur style but found it difficult with his short arms. However, Anthony did speak with two nice ladies who stopped by and was able to explain the mission of Stack-Up.



These few times of using the T-Rex inflatable costume gave Anthony the idea for future Dinosaur Adventures within the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have an idea for a location that the San Francisco Bay Area Stack Dinosaur should go to next or how you might like to see him interact with the community, tweet @StackUpDotOrg and tell them where.

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