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the stacks a film night in queens

Today we check in with The Stacks and the Queens Stack as they enjoy a movie night with friends along with a holiday inspired walk to spread the word of Stack-Up! Read on to check out the details of this festive evening.


To celebrate Boxing Day (or at least avoid the post-holiday letdown), the Queens Stack held a movie night featuring the 1963 Hammer classic film, “These Are The Damned.” Several stack members and a few other invited guests gathered around to enjoy snacks and watch the film.

The Stacks

Local film historian, Keith Crocker, graciously shared a few words about the movie, which combined elements of film noir, horror, and science fiction. It’s a story of children, exposed to radiation who are to be used as weapons in the cold war.

Afterward, the group took a short walk to the famous “Christmas in Jamaica Estates” house. In a neighborhood that has relatively little in the way of Christmas displays, this house can practically be seen from outer space.

The Stacks

It’s a display put on by a former Marine in honor of his wife (RIP). Complete with a coffee and hot chocolate station, it attracts visitors from all over. The Queens Stack certainly enjoyed the evening and gave out Stack-Up fliers and wristbands.


What an amazing night in Queens! Way to Stack Up and the Christmas in Jamaica Estates house just sound amazing. Thanks for sharing the story.

If you would like to get involved and are in the New York area hit up the Queens Stack HERE! Not in the area, no worries we have Stacks all over the country, hit this LINK to find out more and Stack-Up in your town today with The Stacks!

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