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The Deer God – Now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita

Every wonder what it would like to be a deer? Probably not, a there are many reasons as to why being a deer would be a very bad experience. Not only are they hunted on a yearly basis, but they are also massacred on roads and are best known for a tragic Disney movie, Bambi, in which Bambi’s mother gets shot.

However, if you are fascinated by deer and their seemingly tranquil life in the woods, look no further than The Deer God, a new game by Crescent Moon Games. Don’t let its innocent, pixelate looks fool you. The Deer God is a spiritual journey unlike any other.

The Deer God

Karma has brought you back to Earth, no longer as a human but now as a Deer. All of the norms and functions that you knew as a human, such as a career, a car, a family, hold no bearing in this new life.

As a Deer, you have to survive the wilds of the wilderness. Survival includes battling vicious beasts, as well as surviving your natural surroundings, which, despite their peaceful look, are fraught with danger. However, most importantly is the aspects of Karma.

The Deer God

While players will be able to inevitably wield great power, such as summoning bolts of lightning, players are bound by karma. Good karma, which comes from exploration and defeating corrupted animals, will allow you to grow more powerful, slaying innocents will turn your deer into a wickedly evil creature, potentially causing you to reincarnate as something frail and weak. It is up to you how to live this newfound life as a deer.

The Deer God is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStaton Vita. The game is already available on Steam and mobile platforms.

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