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The Boston Stack Invites You to Mass DiGi’s Made in MA Party

Boston Stack

PAX East is almost upon us, and with it comes an amazing gathering of local game developers. Every year, our friends at Mass DiGi use this opportunity to throw a party they call “Made in MA.” Stack-Up is proud to be one of the featured community partners at the Made in MA Party, so we’ve been given a booth and 20 tickets to mingle with local game developers! On the opening night of PAX East, come join us at the District Hall to enjoy great food and drinks, and meet even greater people!

This party is an exclusive event with a limited capacity: no one without a ticket is allowed to enter. Ordering a ticket online costs $15 plus fees, and (if there’s still room) the price at the door will be $20. If you RSVP with us, you’ll have a chance to get in free of charge, and get to learn more about Stack-Up from the guys who founded it!

Boston Stack

Showcases include demos for Funkitron and Petricore games, as well as the latest versions of Vivox and Unreal Engines. There will also be booths and venues for local indie developers like Lantana Games, Gorilla Tactics, Bomb Shelter Games, and Flock of Dogs. Even the local universities will be showcasing some of their students’ work, from Becker College to Harvard! Apart from the showcases, there will also be plenty of game developers attending as guests. This is a well-attended event, where you can meet and network with folks you might not get a chance to anywhere else, not even at the convention. It was at last year’s party where Boston Stack Lead Tanner Hastings was first introduced to Stack-Up!

There is no age restriction for attendees, but a positive 21+ ID will be needed for the cash bars. The food is free of charge. Keep in mind that if you do decide to purchase a ticket yourself, there are no refunds.

If you’re interested in attending the Made in MA party with Stack-Up, please RSVP by sending an email to Unfortunately, with such a limited supply of tickets, we’ll have to reserve places for attendees on a first come first serve basis.

Since the Made in MA party is not directly related to PAX East, you don’t need a badge from the convention. This is a GREAT way to meet the developers presenting at PAX East without having to buy a badge. So if you missed your chance to snag a badge in October, this could be your best chance to meet the folks who make PAX East the amazing event it is—free of charge! The party will be held at the District Hall, less than a mile north of the Exhibition Center. You can either take the Silver Line from the World Trade Center to the Courthouse and walk a block, or just head directly to its address: 75 Northern Ave. Doors open at 6:00 pm. Hope to see you there!

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