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tattered weave on kickstarter

Tattered Weave

In a world shredded by the Unmaker a thousand years ago, one would believe that all was lost. However; hope always finds a way and in Tattered Weave, the Kickstarter page shows us that Hope was the only fragment of the world shielded and left during the Cataclysm…or so they thought.

In the aftermath, the Kith have begun to emerge from the outside. These are intelligent and secretive creatures that claim there is more to the world than just Hope; other shielded remnants awaiting discovery.

To accomplish this, you will want to enlist the assistance of the Kith, who in turn, need your help in order for them to change, to learn and to grow. You will do this through your choice of books, games, toys and food and special forms are unlocked through events and quests.

The team over at Mythmakers has literally put the fate of the world within your hands by placing a huge emphasis on interactivity. Each character within Tattered Weave has a different and unique personality with actions you can sway based on your relationship with them which is directly correlated to the amount that you help them. Being a long-time fan of the Harvest Moon series, I find this aspect to be particularly exciting.

Along with interacting with the characters in-game, you will also meet and befriend people online through the forums, which along with the personal one-on-one messaging system, are customizable down to formatting, spoiler tags, and notification options.

Crafting is another large component in the Tattered Weave realm. You will have the ability to cook and prepare items which can alter your Kith’s personality. Should the developers reach their stretch goal on the Kickstarter, they plan to implant a tailoring system which would allow for you to create completely customized clothing to be worn by your avatar.

Tattered Weave

Would any game be truly complete without a mini-game or two? Tattered Weave is no different here except in the fact that they plan to have a wide array with something that everyone can enjoy. Just in their teaser video, they show a dance-off mini, along with a memory match and an airplane obstacle course along with promises of varying difficulty levels and more mini-games to come.

If none of that is enough to get you excited, then maybe some of the Kickstarter unlockables can. They include rewards like closed beta access, a special achievement and starter packs. Then you get to the ones that include premium Kith or apparel. For those of you feeling especially adventurous, there are opportunities to help with the designing of in-game items, recipes, clothing and even a Kith.

Due to the fact that Tattered Weave will be playable on any device or computer with a major Internet browser that supports HTML5, the team expects the game’s popularity to grow fast. That is why they are using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud which will allow for the server to scale automatically with the site traffic. This along with coding and databases provided by Lightsky, will make sure that wait and query times for players remain at a minimum.

So head on over to their Kickstarter page and then let us know what you think.

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