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surf world series coming next year

With winter upon us we are in for a long and treacherous four months, featuring cold temperatures, dangerous weather conditions, and a daily attire of heavy, layered clothes. There are no shorts and BBQ’s. There are no open-window driving moments. Just, sheer bitter cold. However, Climax Studios are hoping to warm your spirits up as they announce a new, elegantly made surfing video game. Coming next year, Climax Studios is releasing Surf: World Series to consoles next year.

The team took a moment to write a post on the PlayStation Blog, detailing the game and what is to be expected. Utilizing the latest capabilities, SURF: World Series will feature realistic water physics and surf conditions to recreate the experience of riding the pipe. Wave attributes, such as undertow, and water conditions, such as the current, will all factor into how players ride their board, as well as how they approach each stunt.

Surf World Series

Gameplay-wise, Surf: World Series will focus on a gameplay mechanic that is easy to learn, but difficult to master in an arcade setting. This will ensure the game is accessible to a wide-range of players, from the casual gamer to the dedicated, die-hard player. Players will have to factor in the dimensions of the wave as it can be easy to wipeout.

Finally, players will be able to go to 5 real-world exotic locations, known as pristine havens for those that years to surf big. Places, such as Bells Beach and Jamaica Bay, will all be featured in the game. Players will be able to show off their skills in 45 single-player missions or take their skills online amongst 15 other surfers in the competition.

Look for Surf: World Series to come your way sometime next year.

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