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Supply Crate – Scott

PTSD is a reality for many of our Veterans as their experiences on deployment left them with some scars, both physically and mentally. In today's Supply Crate update, Scott, a combat Veteran detailed some of his experiences. He's on quite the journey to recover his mental health, and he needed something to help him along.

I started my career over a decade ago as an infantryman, not a fear in the world, body felt great, I was on top of the world. I earned some body pains and sleep apnea from my first deployment. I left the infantry to start flying helicopters, after crawling into a helicopter crash on my first deployment, pulling the dead and soon to be dead from the wreckage. complacency truly does kill. I went back to afghanistan for my second deployment as a chinook pilot, flying americas best into evils back yard. That deployment was...kinetic. Near death experiences felt surreal, I closed up, numbed the emotions, to include traumatically losing both of my dogs while I was deployed. I didn't start to process any of it until I came home. It has been a long and dark road, I have reached out to my MRT at the unit who was my roommate in kandahar, eventually the flight doc and a psychiatrist when I knew I needed help if I wanted to make it, ending my flying career. I continue to do my best to ride the line of good busy, to keep pushing forward. A friend recommended an app to connect with other vets over video games, and I'd like to give that a try.

We started Stack Up for Veterans like Scott. PTSD is the core reason we came to exist; our founder and other staff members having gone through their share of pain and wanting to relieve that not only for themselves but for others.

Thank you StackUp and Moridrex!!
Absolutely. And seriously thank you so much for the support. I’m already connecting with friends and trying to figure out what Discord is to link up with other vets, (and hopefully some I’ve served with and lost contact with over the years!). This is an absolutely honor and a blessing. Thank you so much.

Thank you for sharing with us, Scott. We hope you continue to do well on your journey and enjoy plenty of gaming. Even when the world gets rough, there are always new games.

Moridrex sponsored Scott's Supply Crate. Moridrex has sponsored other Supply Crates, and if you hit the tag with Moridrex's name on it at the bottom of this post, you can check them out. Moridrex recently played Minecraft on Twitch if you are itching to check his channel out.

Answer the Call to Arms, and you could earn a Supply Crate sponsorship of a gaming care package sent to a Veteran. Or even a Stack Up esports jersey. We have plenty of incentives that you can check out here. Hit the button below to get started.

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