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Supply Crate – Yolanda

Hello, everyone. Today, we're bringing you an update from recipient Yolanda who wanted a crate to help her deal with the isolation of battling with her mental health. Yolanda has been through quite a lot and yet she manages to keep going, which we admire. As she details in her request below the following gallery of pictures:

I was medically discharged from the military in 2005 for a neck injury in Iraq. I was a flight medic back then. I had no idea how significant this injury would impact my life. I got out during a time when everything was still new. Back when missed diagnosis of insomnia, my tbi, MST, combat stress and other relevant medical issues were washed under the rug and dismissed like last nights leftovers. Fast forward 15 years later and a lot of those missed medical issues are now on the radar and have significantly effected my life. From enlarged heart, to failed and botched surgeries that have left me with extreme mobility issues and pain. Lost wages, and job opportunities which left me broken and homeless. I struggled with these difficulties only to be mocked and ridiculed by peers and and family until one therapy appointment changed my life. I was sent on a retreat to get my mental in order.While I am in a better space, every day is still a struggle with my modalities and mental health but I’ve learned to better push through. This year through a zoom call with wounded warrior project I learned about this social networking site call discord. It has given me the abilities to connect with soooo many other veterans with similar stories. I have just recently finished up on a bankruptcy that has helped me get my life back on track but I still have bills that I am struggling with. I am not complaining because thanks to my son who is now in the military I was able to secure a roof over my head and start feeling again. I’ve been given a new lease on life and moving forward slowly. Unfortunately I am not in a position to buy such expensive electronics but would love to connect with my battle buddies and enjoy playing with them. This organization if chosen would give me that opportunity to add something more to my life. I currently use art as a coping skill but it’s my understanding that these gaming systems are another way to help release a lot of the built up anger inside and help me to connect seeing as I am limited in my mobility and tend to isolate. From what I’m told having the ability to be competitive and connect will help me feel like I belong to a tribe again. The one thing that is missing since being thrust out of the military. I thank you in advance for thinking and considering me. I look forward to hearing from you soon whether I am chosen or not I will be attempting to participate in other activities you have as COVID allows.

This crate is a good reminder, folks, that even as people smile, you never know what they are and have battled throughout their life. We do our best at Stack Up to help folks where we can, whether it's through providing gaming care packages to people or offering them a community of gamers to connect and play with. Gaming communities, like ours, are a great way to make friends and find people to have fun with, as well as talk about mental health and help each other get through those tough spots in life.

Once Yolanda received her crate, she send us the following great pictures and reply:

Thanks for making it a reality!!!!!

Thanks, Yolanda for all of the great photos, we love to see those smiles, especially when we help put them on our Veterans' faces. May it bring you some peace in the days to come.

This crate was sponsored through the fundraising efforts of DragonQueenTTV. You can check out her channel here.

Hit that big red button below to learn the many ways you can put a smile on a Veteran's face today.

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