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Supply Crate – William

This was labelled "Getting ready to guard the dining facility"

Thanks for dropping in for another Supply Crate update. Whenever we receive an email back from a recipient complete with photos, it's an exciting moment because not only will we be able to send the photos to the sponsor of the crate, but we can show folks that we are doing what we say we are doing. Here at Stack Up, we value transparency. Sometimes to a fault, but we do our best.

Today's update comes from William, an Army Veteran. We'll let him tell you briefly about why he requested a Supply Crate.

I am an Army Veteran with PTSD. I find gaming to be a great distraction from my PTSD. I play some games on my computer after my kids are in bed, but I would love a console to play more family friendly games with my children and to bond more with them. My kids are just starting to discover how fun gaming is and I would love to be a part of this experience with them.

Gamer parents who share gaming with their children are awesome, in our opinion. It really is a great way to bond, and kids will often have great memories of playing with their parents/guardians.

William sent us all of the great photos you see here in this update and the message below:

Thank You so much again for the Supply Crate!
My Family and I really appreciate it!

We appreciate the response, William. May William and his children have plenty of fun gaming!

Twitch Streamer Jess sponsored William's crate. Thanks, Jess, and thank your community for helping!

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