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Supply Crate – Whitney

Whitney requested a Supply Crate to give herself and her unit a way to bond and destress in their downtime, especially because she and her family were having a tough time while she is on deployment:

This is my first deployment overseas, I've been on other shorter term activations within the states. This is the first time I've been away from my family for a longer period of time. I had to leave behind my husband at home along with our two cats and currently five ducks. Unfortunately one of the ducks died unexpectedly while I was away leaving my husband behind to handle it. Our house is currently still unfinished but liveable enough to stay in, so we've been struggling with affording to get it completed. My husband works in corrections and recently got injured at work, so it has been stressful on both of us financially and mentally trying to get him recovered and back to work, especially with me not being home. Trying to keep his spirits up as well as mine while trying to juggle the stresses back home and here on deployment definitely takes a toll on myself. I've seen a lot of my peers here have Nintendo switches and other units I have visited have used them as a way to bond together. I feel it would be nice if I had one to be able to set up for our group to play together and become more of a connected team to get away from the stresses of our daily operations. It would also make a great impact on morale for myself, something to help occupy my downtime to destress at the end of the day. Ever since I was a kid I loved coming home from school and playing the mario games like Mario Party and Mario Cart Racing against my siblings. It would also be nice to have something like a switch that me and my husband could connect to the TV when I get back home and play together to help rekindle our relationship after being apart for so long. I feel overall it would be such an appreciated gesture and would not only help me, but also my husband, and my peers to combat stress and bring togetherness.

Well, this certainly sounds like something we can help with! Connecting through gaming is our favorite way to use video games because we've built quite a community of gamers.

Thank you so much for the care package, it means so much for me to be granted this opportunity. I can't wait to go back home and be able to play some of these games with my husband for date nights. In the meantime I will have to build up my Mario cart skills.

Sounds like Whitney is planning to make sure she can kick her husband's ass via Mario Kart.

WinnieDaPoohhh sponsored Whitney's Supply Crate. She's really cool, and we think you might like her community if you're looking for someone who plays a variety of games while having fun! You can find her on Twitch.

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