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Supply Crate – Vincent

What's going on with Stack Up? So much. We're still getting Supply Crates out at a constant rate with a 50 crate push for the Summer that we hope to continue. Which means plenty of more updates to go! Today's update came from Vincent, who is deployed overseas. As Vincent told us in his request:

My name is SGT Vincent, I just turned 24 a couple weeks ago, and I'm currently deployed in the Middle-Eastern theater. On my days off I'm always striving for an outlet to be social and stay connected in any way possible. I've never personally owned an Xbox or Playstation (at least since I was a kid with a PS2), but I've always had an interest in getting into gaming. When I was young my parents were never a fan of gaming so I was never able to get many games. It always seemed so fun when I'd see guys playing and working together as a team in games, and I'm afraid I just haven't been able to invest into diving into trying that world out for myself. I'm quite the geek type. I'm in the Signal Corps myself, so naturally there are a lot of gamers among us. This is my second deployment now in the last 2 years and I developed a bit of a social anxiety issue after my last. I feel like gaming might be a great way for me to try and stay connected and engaged with others in a healthy way that won't flare up my anxiety. I was just talking to a buddy of mine about how I was interested in getting into gaming but at my age, bills and other expenses have become my priority. Then I was told about Stack Up and I thought this could be my opportunity!

We're all nerds here at Stack Up. We also know plenty of Veterans and Active Duty soldiers who are struggling with social anxiety, which is why we have a community of folks available at any time for you all to hang out with should you choose.

Dave and Ian at the warehouse have been hard at work packing up Supply Crates, and this was no different. We sent the crate along to Vincent, and it's always a great relief when it gets to our target. He sent us the reply below:

Attached is a photo I took with the items from the supply crate. Hopefully this picture suffices! I really appreciate the care and consideration put into it. Please let me know if there's anything else you would like from me. Thank you all!

It's always good to see a smiling face after all the work we put in!

Helps when the people putting together the Supply Crates are also gamers who once served overseas.

Our fundraisers work so very hard to sponsor at least one Supply Crate when they start raising money. JMOtheSchmo sponsored this Supply Crate, and we want to thank him and his community for all their hard work!

Want to sponsor a Supply Crate like Vincent's? Fundraise $1k to help us get a console, games, and gaming peripherals to our service members. Get started by signing up for a DonorDrive page below.

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