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Supply Crate – Trey

Why Supply Crate updates? We send out 12 Supply Crates a month, sometimes more, depending on the time of year and funding. When we receive a response, it's a moment of celebration as we get to send the response along to the fundraiser who sponsored it.

Trey is a combat Veteran who has children and is finding his wallet a bit tight.

I am the father of three little girls and I am swimming in a sea of estrogen. I am an Iraq war veteran Who works 50+ hours a week to keep them happy and healthy. I currently cannot afford to buy a new system to game on and that would be the most awesome blessing. Gaming helps me to unwind after a long day/week at work. Please help a brother out

New game consoles are pretty expensive, especially with the introduction of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. In our opinion, they're also well worth getting. We're glad to help our siblings-in-arms get one when we can.

We really like the evolution from first opening the package to putting the shirt on. Thanks, Trey!

I truly appreciate y’all and everything y’all are doing!

Thanks, Trey. We appreciate you and your service.

Pappapaws sponsored Trey's Supply Crate. PappaPaws is a pretty cool streamer, we think, anyway, and not just because he raised $1k to sponsor a gaming care package. You can find him on Twitch.

+3 charisma stat boost if you sign up for the Call to Arms. Get started by hitting the button below.

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