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Supply Crate – Tom

Got the Monday blues? If you're looking for a little more cheer or just something to do later, you could always join us for our game nights. Join our discord and be sure to regularly check our events.

In other news, we sent out a Supply Crate to Tom, a Veteran who uses gaming to help him deal with PTSD.

I am a proud gamer, nerd, and veteran. Also a disabled veteran, with some physical ailments but primarily my PTSD that affects me. I use gaming as a form of therapy in addition to seeing a VA counselor. It allows me to escape from the daily routines and connect with friends and other veterans I play with. I use my experience and knowledge of my PTSD to help other veterans with similar symptoms of anxiety and depression. Help them understand mindful practice and I use my passion for gaming to stream online to connect with many other people. I have joined the CALL TO ARMS fundraising with Stack Up but have been unable to stream and play lately due to the failure of my equipment and lack of funds to replace. Recently my wife and i experienced the passing of our beloved dog of over 15 years, then my wife was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery due to life threatening ectopic pregnancy. This then put her out of work for extended period of time so I had to work my primary job in addition to other side hustles just to pay for basic essentials to live for both of us. Not to mention take care of my wife, the house, and my own mental health. I would love any help available to continue my passion for gaming, help spread the word and knowledge about mindfulness, and continue to help the cause of Stack-Up’s Call to Arms and bring more awareness to disabled veterans. Thank you for taking time to review this!

Thanks, Tom, for joining in on our mission! Remember to all you wonderful Veterans and Active service members out there, regardless of whether you're helping us out or not; you can use our program whenever you need them.

We're here for you.

This is Tom Rowe, I recently received a Supply Crate from Stack Up and GREATLY appreciate it! The Xbox Series S is amazing and my wife and I cannot wait to try the card games.
I really am thankful for all the support Stack Up does for the veterans and is truly an amazing organization. And SUPER thanks for FruitCake for her and her community's support!
I’ve attached some pics with the gear, so you can choose whichever you need.
Very grateful,

Sometimes we include a board or card game when we send Supply Crates out to people along with consoles and games. If you happen to know of any companies making them, be sure to let them know about us and how they can donate.

Thanks for all the photos, Tom! As Tom pointed out, xofruitcakeox sponsored his Supply Crate. Thanks to her for answering the Call to Arms.

We do our best to make it easy for you to answer the Call to Arms with our Influencer Relations Team. To access them, all you need to do is sign up by hitting the button below, and they'll reach out to see if you need any help.

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