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Supply Crate – Tom

Dustin poses for a photo in full dress uniform. The left side of his chest is covered in award medals and ribbons.
That's a lot of ribbons there, Tom.

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is almost here, but before you head into it, read up on Tom in this Supply Crate Update. Tom is a veteran who served in Iraq. He sought to reconnect with some friends and his boys. As he told us in the following request:

I was wounded on 4 different occasions while deployed to Iraq in 2008 and again in 2010. I suffer from a head injury, mild spinal cord issues, double vision, dexterity problems, memory issues, and emotional problems just to mention a few. Reconnecting has been an issue for me since my injuries. I have been wanting not only to reconnect with others but also my boys. They both are gamers but live too far away for me to visit to play with them on their console. I am hoping that not only will playing games help with reconnecting with other but also help with memory skills and dexterity in my hands.

The great thing about gaming these days is that gamers can play online at a distance. Hopefully. a Supply Crate can help Tom game on with friends and family. His reply to receiving a Supply Crate was short and sweet:

Thank you!

Thank you for your service, Tom and thank you for sending us a request. We wish you well and if you ever need anything else, be sure to reach out.

The sponsor of this crate was PlanetaryObject. Thank you and all of the contributors to your Call to Arms fundraiser. Please go give her a follow if you are interested.

If you would like to help us out in any way, click the button below and browse potential opportunities to volunteer. Once you see something you are interested in helping out with, sign right up and someone will be in touch with you. Have a great weekend everyone.

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