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Supply Crate to 640th Aviation Support Battalion in Kuwait Surprise Party II


Another of our video game stuff supply crates has checked in from overseas!

Lauren reached out to us from her reserve unit stationed in the middle of Kuwait and asked for a little bit of video gaming goodness to while away the hours sitting in Kuwait:


We are the signal company that supports the brigade. Our soldiers may be in remote or small FOBs that don’t have MWR or USOs to provide relief for soldiers there.

Okay, so not a lot to say there, but it gets the idea across. If you’ve never seen the movie Jarhead, then you’re missing out on a critical piece of the conversation here. You see, most individuals who sign up to join the military want to punch that “I’ve been to war” ticket, especially in a post 9/11 “Global War on Terror” world. Of course, most folks who sign up and do get into combat immediately then dream of the safety of sitting thousands of miles away from the fighting and collecting a paycheck. The good folks at the 640th Aviation Support BN in Kuwait are there for an extremely long time. Knowing the likelihood of their crossing the border and mixing it up with ISIS or al-Qaeda is slim? That has to drive many of those troopers mad. Again, it’s absolutely critical  they are able to put together Halo and Guitar Hero tournaments to help keep their mind off the day to day sheer levels of boredom after their work shift ends.


Stack-Up took care of that for them with one of our supply crates! Lauren sent back her thanks:


Hope all is going well! We really appreciate the crate! One of the staff sergeants here spent money and bought a nice projector and surround sound to go with the console. So it works out for our company to have a nice area to sit and relax and chill after work! Thanks again!


If you’d like to join us in helping troops with the power of gaming, there are plenty of ways to do so with Stack-Up. We are currently in the middle of recruiting for our “Call to Arms” 24-hour gaming marathon scheduled on Saturday, May 7th, right at the start of May as Military Appreciation Month (make up weekend, Saturday, May 14th if you can’t make the 7th!). Simply sign up,  then reach out to your friends and family to sponsor you a dollar or two for every hour you play games much like a charity walk-a-thon where you pledge money by the mile walked but with 100% more relaxation in front of your gaming console of choice and digging through that backlog of games you’ve been meaning to get through! If you’re interested in signing up, head over here and join the Stack’s Call to Arms!

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