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Supply Crate – Tina

Today's Supply Crate update will be a short one. While we're all out here trying to hold onto hope for the New Year, let's hold some hope for Veterans out there who are trying to get through some difficult times.

Tina told us in her request:

i dont get out of the house much other than the doctor and have depression a lot i am diagnosed with major depression

It can get pretty difficult to get out and about when mental health is in the way. Luckily, gaming is a great distraction that can be done from the comfort and safety of home.

Thank you soooo much!!!

No problem, Tina. If you ever decide to play some games with multiplayer, join our discord.

Regiment CEO and Stack Up Esports Manager Entxurage sponsored Tina's Supply Crate. He's been moving mountains to set up Stack Up Esports Fundraisers. If you're looking to get to see him on the gaming scene, follow his Twitch.

Hit the button below to join us early in meeting the Call to Arms by fundraising for Stack Up.

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