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Supply Crate – Timothy

Timothy and his fellow submariners spend a lot of time under the sea patrolling waters and keeping an eye out for potential dangers. He requested a Supply Crate for his crew to get a new console to enjoy:

As a ballistic missile submarine we operate with minimal communications to anyone off ship in any capacity. We send emails to family and loved ones maybe once a month on average, and receive emails on average once every 2 weeks.
Currently the majority of our time off watch is spent watching movies we downloaded onto our laptops, working out or playing one of the 4 PS3s we have onboard in our crews lounge. While for the older guys like me, PS3s are pretty great but alot of the new guys just dont seem to enjoy it (they are about as old as they are). At the end of the day, if we don't get newer stuff I won't be upset, I am sure there are plenty of units that have less than we do, but I would like to see the new guys excited like I was playing games with the boys.

Submarines don't have a lot of space for recreation, but thankfully game consoles are compact and flat-screen TVs make it easier to provide entertainment in such a small space. It's definitely something submariners could use more of to provide an escape hatch when all there is for miles is water.

Hey! We actually just got back from our patrol on friday. I have a picture of some of the guys with the sign and crate getting screened by our security officer for release. Should have it for you by wednesday!
It was great!

Have to make sure to keep that OPSEC up. Loose lips sink ships.

Betchabud sponsored Timothy and crew's Supply Crate. Thank you to Betchabud and community for answering the Call to Arms. Check out Betchabud on Twitch.

By air, water, land, and one day space, our troops are out there on deployments. Our Supply Crates program allows us to send out care packages to provide some much-needed fun. Want to support? Hit the button below to fundraise or donate today!

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