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Supply Crate – Thomas

We've been going strong during Call to Arms before Memorial Day. It's been great to see everyone out there doing fundraisers and putting in the energy to give Stack Up a boost. As usual, we have a Supply Crate update ready to talk about. Whether we're serving veterans or active-duty service members overseas, our Supply Crate program never stops rolling.

This crate went out to Thomas, a combat veteran with PTSD. He outlines what's he's been going through in his request to us:

I am a combat veteran who is fighting PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. I was deployed 3 times in 5 years and serviced 11 years in the US Army. I am really trying to cope with my PTSD and it has been very hard. I can't work because my PTSD gets the best of me. A supply crate would let me connect with other veterans and be able to game with them. It will also help me connect with my family as I have a young daughter and wife who has watched me suffer through all of the ups and downs. I would also be able to game against my son who lives with his mom in another state.

We're glad to help out veterans like Thomas connect with family and friends through gaming. Video games may not solve everything, but they do make many things easier to deal with. Thomas told us after getting his Supply Crate:

Today I got my Stack Up box. Thank you so much. It just made this Valentine's weekend even better. I am truly grateful for the PS4, I got today in the mail. I am so looking forward to connecting with other veterans and people through online gaming. Thank you again!

Will you be our Valentine? We hope it helps, Thomas. The Global Speedrun Association sponsored this Supply Crate. Thank you to everyone that helped fund this crate. Curious about Speedrunning? We've got an article all about it here.

Interested in getting involved with Stack Up further? We have loads of great volunteer opportunities, from our Stacks to our Stack Up Overwatch Program. To learn more about the different ways you can get involved, click the big red Stack Up button below and browse our How to Help page.

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