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Supply Crate – Thomas

Welcome to the beginning of the week. Like your Monday morning coffee, we are here as per usual with your Monday Supply Crate update. Today's update comes from Thomas, who sent the following request:

I am a Marine Corps Veteran with 3 Combat Tours, 2 to Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan. I am Now out of the military and rated 100% total and permanent disabled through the VA. I use Gaming to connect and spend time with my kids that were home with my wife while I was Deployed.

Anybody else remember how much gaming helped them connect in the Military? Whether it was making friends with a shared interest or playing something with family when internet was available, gaming is a pretty flexible hobby in terms of socializing. Especially now. Anywho, we sent a crate out to Thomas, and it took a while for him to reply, which is normal. Life gets busy.

I’m sorry, I did receive it, life got away from me and I forgot to send the picture, here it is. You guys are great thank you so much, me and my boys get to use it almost everyday together. And the candy crayons were a great touch! Lol

No reason we can't have fun with our donations! If any of you think of any fun Military themed non-perishable snacks we can send along with crates, feel free to share them with us.

HexleLich sponsored today's Supply Crate. Thanks, HexleLich! Games that her Twitch page currently says she's playing include The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Sea of Thieves. We hope to see her return in the future for more.

Want to get out there and fundraise for a Supply Crate sent out in your name? Know someone who would be interested? Show them this, and then hit that button below to sign up for a DonorDrive page and begin fundraising.

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