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Supply Crate – Tela

More Supply Crate updates are ever incoming. We work around the clock to ensure that we can keep them coming. This Supply Crate went out in February and went on a bit of a journey as the package was delayed. These things sometimes happen in the world of shipping out gaming care packages overseas and stateside. Tela kept us up to date on her package via social media, which was great to see.

Tela, an Army Veteran, has an interesting family military history as she told us:

My family has served since the Civil War. My "Great" grandfather Peter Williams' image stands in DC by the African American Civil War Museum. Both my grandfathers, and my father were Army veterans. Growing up, I knew I was going to be in the Army. It just seemed natural, even though I was a female. So I remained very athletic throughout school. In High school, Dad said he didn't want me to be in the military so I obeyed him...until I was almost 30. At 29 I enlisted in the DEP in spring 2001 for Oct. Then 9/11 happened. I swore in anyway. During BCT, I was injured but completed training and continued on to AIT and then to permanent duty at Ft. Story, VA as an 88M at 368 CTC 11th Batt. I was there for a short while and endured 2 incidents of MST. My dream of having a military career like my dad & grandfathers and so many of my other relatives was over 11/04. I am now 100% TDIU with PTSD from MST, back pain that has me using a "rollator" or a cane, and I'm only 48. My grandparents don't use that stuff. It's embarrassing. They joke at me every time! --- Well, the way the the MST went down, I got real trust issues in social situations. So I don't like "hanging out" IRL with people. I like talking to them, that's why I go online and game chat. But go out...nope! I've been mostly an Xbox gamer and I used to have a PS4, but my daughter took mine a few years ago. Now I'm suddenly finding more PS4 players to play with and could really play with people now. I know folks are asking for the 5, but if you have a 4 I'd really appreciate it!

One of these days, we'll have to get out there and see this statue and the African American Civil War Museum. Tela opened this Supply Crate on her Twitch channel, where she is known as LadySOULdja, where she hangs out and hosts chat streams. She's cool, so be sure to drop by if you're looking for chat streams.

Once her Supply Crate reached her, Tela messaged us back the following:

Yes! I received the crate. I had the unboxing live on stream & posted pics on social media with tags. My apologies if I forgot to send an email with those pics. I found a few and attached them for you.
Thank you, Stack Up, Tokki, & all involved in helping make my life bearable. I still haven't played all those games yet!
Gratefully yours,
Tela V. Williams

Plenty of time to game on, Tela! We're just glad the Supply Crate finally reached her when it did. It was also great to see the unboxing on stream.

This crate made it to Tela thanks to the fundraising efforts of Tokki. Tokki will be participating in our Call to Arms Live event on Veterans Day, with the hopes of helping us cross the $1 million cash donation threshold that we are so close to. Will you be there to help us reach that goal?

See that big red button below? Click it. Volunteer adventures galore await you!

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