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Supply Crate – Ta'Vonne

Ta'Vonne requested a Supply Crate to boost the morale of his unit, some of who's consoles were damaged in transit to them.

Our unit has many gamers in it that were not able to bring their consoles. The few that did bring them sadly had their consoles and games destroyed in transit from water damage. A care package from you all will greatly impact our unit morale and help with soldier mental health.

Damaged consoles are a total bummer. We definitely had to make up for the loss with a Supply Crate.

Our group will be impacted immensely by this.
We have so many people that play video games on their time off, and this will help with company morale more than you can imagine. A lot of people have been struggling since being here, and haven’t had their outlet. This will have a big impact on mental health. Thank you so much!

That's what we are here for. Enjoy the outlet, troops! 🫡

Virge753 sponsored Ta'Vonne's gaming care package. Virge753 plays games like COD: Modern Warfare, Assassin's Creed Mirage, and Rocket League if you are interested in checking him out on Twitch.

We're close to the end of the year. Want to do something good for the holidays? Fundraise to support our Veterans mental health through the power of gaming. Or drop a donation. Hit the button below to navigate to our DonorDrive page to show your support!

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