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Supply Crate - Sweeting

Hey Everyone, we hope you are enjoying the blogs new look. Its time again for us to tell you a story about another amazing Supply Crate recipient. This crate was delivered to Staff Sergeant Sweeting, who has been suffering from PTSD and needed a way to gain some control back in his life. Here is what he told us about his situation:

I have been reading a lot about how certain feelings caused by PTSD can be reduced by playing games. I feel like It will give me a sense of finishing missions and take me away from having episodes and drinking by occupying my time differently. I don’t like to socialize like malls, airports, movie theaters... or anything that I can’t control.
I want to play games where I can feel like I've finished a mission so I can get that feeling of accomplishment rather than the anxiety of feeling like I always have to do something.

We understand exactly how you feel soldier. Many in our community suffer from PTSD and other mental disorders, and we've found that grouping up with each other in-game helps control those episodes immensely. We hear you Staff Sergeant, and we are more than ready to help you out, in fact, we've got just the crate for you!

Thank you Stack Up!

You are welcome, Soldier. We were trained to never leave an ally behind, and we will never leave those that need our help high and dry. Gaming might be a passion for us, but Soldiers like yourself will always be our mission. Thank you for your service to our country Staff Sergeant Sweeting.

This crate would never have made it to its destination without the help of sponsors like DadBodGaming. Thank you for helping us and allowing us to send these awesome crates to soldiers in need. You are the biggest hero of all.

If you know a Veteran or active duty service member, then please don't hesitate to tell us all about them. Just click the button below and fill out a form and be a hero just like DadBodGaming today.

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