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Supply Crate – Scott

We're starting the New Year with plenty of Supply Crate updates to come. Most of these will be from the last three months of 2021 as we start the new year. We hope 2022 is great for all of you out there. As we get replies for our Hundred Heroes Supply Crates, which typically reach their recipients around the holiday season, we'll post them in our updates.

Today's update comes from Scott, who requested a crate for his unit. As he told us:

We are a small detachment of NG soldiers from 4 states. We deployed with our Division HQ, but once in theater have been isolated from them and will not rejoin until we redeploy back stateside. It’s a very unique mission that is different from any our soldiers have been on before. One of the challenges comes from being more or less autonomous from our parent unit, we receive very little support for anything non-mission. We work internally to provide MWR type activities for our team, but are limited by operational constraints as well as having to cover most of those types of activities out of pocket. We run 24 hour ops on a rotating shift, so a supply crate would offer some avenues for the guys who have been working opposite shifts to have some reset time involving something other than our mission, as well as providing an outlet for those on night shift who’s only free time is when the rest of us are on shift.

What better way to relax after a long shift than with some gaming? There are plenty of ways to relax, but Stack Up chooses gaming because we really love it. Hopefully, the Supply Crate we gathered together for Scott and his unit will help hit that internal reset button.

Got our supply crate this week. Thank you all so much, got some of the guys that were off tonight for a game night. I included a pic below. Thanks for what you guys do. I’ll send some more pics your way as the rest of the guys get some game time.

It is great to see folks enjoy the crates we send out. It's more reason to keep going and commit to our mission, especially as we step into 2022 and look to reach more people out there who might need some support through gaming.

Check out KayJay, who sponsored this Supply Crate if you can. His community did a swell job helping them reach him goal.

Start your New Year off on the right foot by volunteering! Love gaming? Want to help a community of Veterans, Active Duty military members, and civilians with Stack Up's mission of helping people and their mental health through the power of gaming? Hit the button below to find out how you can get started.

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