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Supply Crate – Sarah

Let's go. Time for another update. This time from Sarah, whose Ordnance Company is constantly busy and overworked and needs a morale boost, stat.

We are an Ordnance company supporting all ammunition requests to include divestments to Iraqi forces. The optempo is super busy with all missions out in the sun and inclement weather. We are managing 12 hour days seven days a week. We are seeking care packages which can consist of snacks to maintain energy and games to keep the Troop morale high

While we sometimes receive donations of non-perishable snacks to our warehouse, we can definitely take care of the gaming part of Sarah's request. We sent Sarah's company a gaming care package, and they sent us the following reply:

Thank you to the entire team from Stack Up!! We are an Ordnance Company of 21 Soldiers stationed in Iraq! Your donation will keep our team morale boosted throughout the remainder of our tour. We are so incredibly grateful and blessed to have such wonderful sponsors and support channels.

You're welcome, and salutes to all of our soldiers deployed out there.

ChickenMeChanga sponsored Sarah's Supply Crate. He's the coolest chicken you'll see on Twitch, so we think you should check his channel out. He's not actually a chicken, but we love his name.

We think these Supply Crate updates are a great reason to fundraise and sponsor a Supply Crate, but if you need more convincing, be sure to check out the rest of the site. Get started by hitting the button below.

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