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Supply Crate - Sagado-Ganzagan

Welcome to another story time about our most recent Supply Crate. This time, we received a request from overseas from Sergeant Sagado-Ganzagan who was hoping to receive a crate for their platoon who are currently serving their first deployment.

For my platoon, a good majority of us this is our first deployment. We're all originally from Hawai'i. We have taken over Operation Freedom Sentinel, which our primary mission is to operate and maintain the LPWS mounts on base to protect it from any incoming mortars, rockets and artillery. We all love to play video games and is a good way for us to wind down after our 12 hour shifts. If you choose us as a candidate it would impact us in so many ways. I first heard about this program when I was watching a live stream on twitch and decided to give it a try. Thank you for your time and consideration.

We are so happy that you learned about us through Twitch, that's totally awesome. We love being able to help soldiers make their time in deployment more enjoyable, so of course! We will most definitely help you and your brothers and sisters. We have been working on putting together the perfect crate for your and your platoon, in fact, it should be getting there right about now, look out!

Dear Stack Up,
On behalf of 1st Platoon Onipa’a, we want to thank you for the amazing care package you’ve sent us. I got the mail about us getting one, and after everything that has happened here on BAF in the past week it was just the morale boost we needed. The xbox and games will be taking turns in everybody’s room until we leave, that way we can send it home on time. Opening the crate was mind blowing, and we are thankful for everything that we received. It will definitely be put to good use. Thank you again
Best wishes,
SGT Salgado-Ganzagan & 1st Platoon Onipa’a
PS pictured is just one half of our platoon, there isn’t any way we could’ve got a entire platoon picture because of our shifts

It's so good to hear that you are enjoying that Supply Crate! We aim to make life for every soldier a bit easier by supplying them with the comfort of gaming. You will be in our thoughts and we hope that you finish your deployment and return home safe and sound.

Supply Crates that we send out to deserving vets and active duty soldiers would not be possible without the help of our amazing sponsors and donors. This crate was sponsored by MiltonTPike1, thank you for supporting our troops. You are truly an inspiring hero and we at Stack Up are thankful for your generosity.

If you or someone you know is in need of some new gaming gear, then please don't hesitate to click the button below and fill out an application today. Its the first step in changing someone's life.

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