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Supply Crate – Ryan

It's National Video Games Day. What better way to celebrate than with a Supply Crate update? Ryan is in the Army and requested a Supply Crate for his unit, who are deployed overseas. He kept his request short and sweet:

I am with a communications unit, similar to being able to make phone calls and connect to the internet.

Sounds like the perfect group to send a Supply Crate, too, as they'll get plenty of use out of it and potential connectivity.

I'm extending with the 156th ESB National Guard from Michigan and have adamantly told them about Stack Up. Hopefully you hear from them. A big thank you to the sponsor that hooked all the goodies.

We hope Ryan has fun with his unit.

ClanAOD sponsored Ryan's Supply Crate. The Angels of Death are a community of gamers who have been around for 20+ years and seek to promote decency and provide a comfortable environment to play with others. You can learn more about them on their website.

Want to do something good this National Video Games Day? Donate to a Call to Arms fundraiser to support our programs, or start a fundraiser of your own!

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