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Supply Crate – Roland

Same, bro, same.

Air Force Veteran Roland connected with us through word of mouth, and as a result, he wanted to get the word out about Stack Up, interviewing our Executive Director, Stephen Machuga. He mentioned he was looking to get the latest Xbox and was told, "Put in a request."

My name is Roland Sperbeck. I was AD (AF) for 12 years. I now run a podcast called Veterans with Benefits. It’s a Comedy Show in the perspective of the Troops. I recently had Steve Machuga on the show and it was a blast. I love what you guys do and during the show I hinted to Steve I’d really like that shiny new Xbox. I know there’s more important men and woman than me, but hey. I’m shooting my shot.
Roland Sperbeck (Airforce Veteran and Host of the Veterans with Benefits Podcast.) I enjoy Reading in the Dark and making Grilled the Dark.

All of our Veterans are important to us. While we prioritize Veterans dealing with mental and physical health problems and Active Duty Military members serving overseas, we want to ensure all Veterans receive the best we can offer them. Regardless of the circumstances of their lives.

Thankfully, when we do our major 100 Supply Crate push, usually by then, we're reaching the end of our list of Supply Crate requests and hand out consoles to Veterans who may not be dealing with as many problems as some of our other applicants are.

Can’t thank you guys enough. Love what you guys do for the community.❤️ Go listen to the Podcast. Steve’s Episode is #89!!!

Thanks for the shout-out, Roland. If you're looking to hear Steve talk about Stack Up some more, the Veterans with Benefits podcast can be found on Spotify.

Charmelian, with the support of her community, sponsored Roland's gaming care package. Charmelian recently streamed the Sims 4, so if you're looking Simmers to watch, you can find her on Twitch.

We have 500 requests on the Supply Crate docket, and if we want to have a chance at fulfilling them, we need your support. Fundraise or donate today! Hit the button below to navigate to our DonorDrive page.

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