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Supply Crate – Robert

What's going on? If you've dropped in here, you're either curious about what a Supply Crate is, or you know, and you're looking to see something good in the world. If you're new here, Supply Crate updates are our posts showing a Supply Crate we sent out to a deserving Veteran or Active Military Unit. It's our way of letting our Supply Crate sponsors know where the funds they raised went.

Robert is an Army Veteran who has friends still Active in the Military who game:

I have a lot of my battle buddies over in Germany and some in Korea, they mainly have Playstation due to the games available (Gran Turismo, Spiderman, etc) and I miss playing with them. I had a Playstation before I deployed, but I didn't listen to the briefing and signed everything over to my now ex, who sold the cars and everything in the apartment and skipped town. I don't need games, just the console, as most of my games are for download

Nothing better than reconnecting and playing online with friends. We're glad to help out with that.

Ian, this makes my Being down with covid so much more bearable, thanks!

Enjoy the PS5, Robert.

TheFilthyJester sponsored Robert's Supply Crate. Thanks to TheFilthyJester and his community for participating in the Call to Arms. If you've got a little time, check his Twitch channel out and tell him where you learned about him.

We're on for 2023. Whether you plan to fundraise sooner or later this year, may as well get that DonorDrive page started by hitting the button below and signing up.

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