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Supply Crate – Richard

We're closing out the week with another Supply Crate update. If you are unaware, we have some staff and volunteers out at San Diego Comic-Con. Find them at the Voodoo Ranger pirate ship.

Today's update comes from Richard, an Army Veteran.

I have been out of the ARMY since 2015 I did not get out like i wanted to I spent 10 years 11months and 28 days on active duty, from the USDB (Guard not an inmate) to GITMO to Afghanistan and the NWJRCF I have had a unique career filled with many challenges none more then transitioning back to civilian world. it's been a long hard road for me though tough I have made friends through gaming online I had a Xbox One but the old girl has gave her last measure of duty and devotion and passed on to the next world. I am now left without that connection I had and I am hoping that you all might beable to help me out. Why I can't just go out and buy a new one? well I am glad you asked, I am in school I do get partial BAH as my school is online and candidly it's not enough to pay rent and cover all my bills my family and I are struggling hard core I am seeking employment in the tech field which oddly enough is hard to break into even if you have an A+, NET+, SEC+ and your CEH. (if you know anyone hiring for a soc analyst spot and can pay for a move I am happy to apply!) All that said a new Box would really help the morale around the house and could help me keep in touch with my kids who live a few states over. regardless of how this shakes out Thank you for your consideration.

We understand that difficult transition. Video games are a great way to escape those difficult moments and even release frustrations at attempting to resettle back into the civilian world.

More about Richard's crate: One of our volunteers, a friend of his, let him know about Stack Up and threw us a vouch for him. We're glad we could help.

If you know of any jobs within those fields, especially jobs looking for Veterans, we have a job board in the Stack Up discord. Feel free to drop off links and posts about them.

MoiDawg sponsored Richard's, Supply Crate. If you've never checked him out, he's awesome.

The Call to Arms is waiting for you to help Stack Up meet our mission. Hit the button below to get involved by starting a fundraiser.

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