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Supply Crate – Quincy

We're on for more Supply Crate updates. In today's update, Quincy is a Veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq and found gaming to be a good pastime while in service. He wanted a console to help with his mental health like gaming did when he was in service.

Hello team, my name is Quincy and I am a veteran who loves to play video games. It helps with my stress and depression. When I was deployed to Afganistan and Iraqi when ever we have some down time a group of us would play playstation or Xbox. And we found that to be a time to bond and ease the stress for a moment during challenging times. I do not have a console or games at the moment, but I do understand that this could be an additional resource to help with my depression and anxiety. As I look back playing video games when able to help many Soldiers while deployed and during home station. This is just my testimony on how video games helped me and many others alike. I would like to thank the entire Stackup Team on their dedication and hard work helping veterans around the world, and thanks for your time!

The main reason Stack Up exists is because many of our staff were in the service, and we remember what it was like being deployed and finding solace in video games. Getting to serve other Veterans like Quincy is our pleasure.

So excited just received my game system from Stackup. Wow!!!!!

Enjoy the new Xbox Series X, Quincy!

ThatCampinGuy sponsored Quincy's Supply Crate. He's sponsored Supply Crates before. If you'd like to read up on one of them, hit the tag with his name on it below. If you would like to learn more about ThatCampinGuy, check out his Twitch channel.

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