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Supply Crate – Phillip

Phillip requested a Supply Crate to give himself something to do as he told us in his request:

Supply Crate will impact me in many ways. Prior to joining the military and having children I was a very active athlete. Once I started having children and joining the military my athletic career I thought was over. I begin to play sports video games to give me a piece of mind and just relax me. When the children came I had to put the video games down and support my family however I have deployed 4 times to the Middle East (Iraq) and numerous other special mission in support of our nation and the video game came back into play as it would relax me and help turn my mind off from thinking of the worst possible situation I can be in. Now that I have retired as of January 2021 it's been tough. My children are in college and I am an empty nester and it's not cool. I have a tough time sometimes because they are gone and getting motivated gets harder and harder everyday. I look into trying to purchase a new video game and man they are very expensive and hard to get now. I played the playstation and it seems as if everyone plays it now because the game is hard to find. Well I could go on and on however I will end here.

The latest consoles are very expensive, and justifying that expense is tough for a lot of our Veterans. While consoles are easier to find now than they were during the pandemic, the demand sometimes still outpaces the supply. Luckily, here at Stack Up, we have access to a distributor we can buy consoles directly from, making things a bit easier for us to provide for our Veterans.

We shipped Phillip off a console and games so he could get back into gaming, and he sent us a reply with plenty of fantastic photos.

I completely apologize for sending this email so late. Yes, the packet came in and I am overjoyed. Thank you and the team! I am speechless.
Phillip Latham

We hope you enjoy plenty of gaming in all the new free time you have, Phillip!

CoopersCharms sponsored Phillip's Supply Crate with the help of her community. She plays a lot of Horror games, and if you're into the Horror genre, you can watch her on Twitch.

Hit the button below to navigate to our DonorDrive page and sign up to fundraise! Let's get this year started off right.

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