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Supply Crate – Paul

We have a great story about another successful Supply Crate mission. Our latest supply crate was sent to an incredible combat medic veteran named Paul. Paul started as a medical assistant after the tragic terrorist attacks on 9/11. He then went on to become a Navy Hospital Corpsman in 2002 where he joined the marines. Paul joined the 3rd Battalion 5th MARINES WPNS Co CAAT Platoon and was stationed on the front lines in the Iraq War 2003. We’ll let Paul tell you the rest of his story:

During my time in Iraq, I had to leave my wife at 6 months pregnant, and when I came home I was met by a 3-month-old son. I’ve been through a lot including the loss my brother who was no more than 150 feet away from me during the Day of the Red Storm. We were hit by a Self IED and I watched my best friend get suffer while working on him.
After the deployment I went into counseling and was working with the virtual reality program in San Diego. During this time, I was in a motor vehicle accident at 29 Palms, I had to perform CPR on the 19 y/o Marine passenger that unfortunately died in the ER later that night. I never dealt with this until I was sent to Naval Hospital Balboa San Diego.
While there, and dealing with the understanding and repercussions of these deaths, I choose to work in the ambulatory ward. There I helped start the flow of wounded warriors at Balboa Hospital in San Diego. I became a surgical tech and choose to be apart of the maxo/facial/ophthalmology department to help the ones returning.

In 2008, I had a fellow Corpsman/Surgical tech get orders to go to Afghanistan. He just got married and was having a child, so I decided to switch my order to the USS Mercy to go to Afghanistan and do the job in his place. My department approved of this action and I went to train with the Army/Air force at Fort Riley in Kansas where I served with the 2-203rd Engineer Battalion Big Red One. From 2008 to 2009 I was with NY 10th mountain, 101st screaming eagles, Georgia National, Pennsylvania, and a part of the PIT/MIT from line groups building Police station and Hospitals.
While serving in 2009 our FOB was attacked. A 107mm landed 40 to 50 ft away and the blast threw me into a wall of a building, knocking me out cold. When I came to, I hurried to aid another injured Soldier and made our way back to our comrades. I stayed with this group ’till I was sent back home from the deployment.
Following the next few months after Sept 2009, I was diagnosed with a TBI, Severe chronic migraines, 3 areas of radiculopathy in spine and memory issues. I was told by the higher ups that I was about 80% damaged and can’t continue service. I had to finish my time and accept the Higher Tenure. I am part of a few Naval Hospital Corpsman that have served with all 4 services and have a Combat Action and Combat Medic Badge with my ribbons starting with Army then Navy/MARINES.
Since getting out in 2010, I am now 90% back to normal and still fighting like hell for the rest. I am proud of my time in service, but it hasn’t been without consequence. I have lost 2 marriages, can’t do corded area, I’m in pain everyday, I have a greater fall risk, I’m depressed, I tried to kill my self 3 times, been in 2 car accidents, and major PTSD. I’m currently in counseling and tried many behavioral therapies.

What a touching story Paul, we completely understand your pain and desire for a supply crate. We’ll get one to you ASAP so that you can stay connected with your son. We know nothing is more important than family.

These are the pictures of my joy from your blessed gift. I now can relax from my reactions and be able talk to my son from Oregon…… Thank you again and hope your success become bigger in the New Year…Thank you for your service to our country.

You are more than welcome Paul, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the service that you gave this country. We hope you and your some have a blast playing games together, let us know what you guys decide to play first.

A great thanks to TheLoyalPatriot is in order for sponsoring Paul’s crate. We couldn’t have done it without you, than you for your donations.

We love helping deserving veterans and service members so please, if you know someone that could use a Supply Crate, let us know. You can do that by clicking this big red button and filling out an application. We are here to support the troops, but we need your help to do so.

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