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Supply Crate – Pamela

We have a Supply Crate story we’d like to share with you today. This time our crate went to a disabled Cold War veteran named Pamela. Pamela wrote to us because she suffers from PTSD, clinical depression, and she also has a vision disability. Here is what she wrote:

I’m a disabled Cold War veteran. I was, maybe, the first person to send a personal message across the eastern seaboard… 1978, Christmas Eve, I sent Jingle Bells via TTY through the Naval communications system.  I thought I would get in trouble for that but I didn’t!
I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, PTSD, as well as a service-connected vision disability. My partner & I love gaming. We have a PS4 and we each have a Nintendo Switch.

What a historic moment! We are sorry to hear about your illnesses, we would love to help you by sending you a Supply Crate. Get ready for an awesome care package, its headed your way now.

THANK YOU!!! Nintendo Switch, extra Joycons, wireless headphones, 3 shirts, stickers, and multiple snacks. Awesome! I joined your Discord server too!

We aim to please Pamela, we are so happy to hear that you enjoyed everything in your crate. Its our token of thanks to you for your years of service. We hope that these games will make it easier for you to get through those rough times. Game on soldier!

This crate was sponsored by Dadbodgaming. Thank you so much for your charitable donations and your love and support for our veterans. You have helped Pamela more than you know!

If you would like to submit an application for a veteran or active duty service member that you know, then please don’t hesitate. Click the big red button below and it will take you straight to our application page.

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