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Supply Crate – Nicholas

Nicholas and his division were nominated for a Supply Crate by his wife, who noticed that some of the sailors he's deployed with never receive mail.

I am submitting this on behalf of my husband and his shop. My name is Robyn. My husband is on the newest carrier USS Gerald R Ford. He has personally been in 9 years and this is his 3rd deployment. This is the first with a family at home. Most of the sailors in my husbands shop have never deployed before. I personally started for underways to write them all letters and found out most of them even if married never get mail. It breaks my heart. I try to include them all everytime i send to my husband. I feel this would make their deployment become a bit brighter. Most of them were not looking foward to it as their first one. Thank you for your consideration.

Deployment on a ship can be tough. Until a ship goes to port, sailors are stuck with nowhere to go except around the ship, and the view gets old fast. The cramped quarters don't help. Having activities to enjoy during free time helps our sailors get through the day. Gaming is a convenient and easy activity for enjoyment on a ship because consoles are portable, easily stored, and offer up plenty of games to get the mind out of the ship.

Hey Ian. They got the package yesterday! They were so shocked and happy.

They sent us so many wonderful photos, and it's a nice bonus to receive them. We're glad we could give Nicholas and crew a boost!

Trez_X1 sponsored Nicholas' Supply Crate. Thanks to Trez_X1 and his community for fundraising to sponsor this Supply Crate and help make a couple of sailors' day. Check out Trez_X1 on Twitch.

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