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Supply Crate – New Zealand

Did you enjoy our Call to Arms Live event yesterday? We hope you had as much fun as we did. To celebrate, here's a bit of Supply Crate replay. This crate went out to a unit of allied military Sailors in the New Zealand Navy.

Yes, we send Supply Crates out to allied Veterans and Military service members. All they need to do is request one! Please tell all of your friends overseas. This Supply Crate was requested by our New Zealand Stack Lead, Aston. He's a pretty great guy, so if you're over in New Zealand and want to get involved with our Stacks, you should reach out and fill out our Stacks volunteer form.

I am the NZ Stack Lead. HMNZS MANUWANUI is a new ship in the Navy and it spends a lot at time at sea as a survey and operational diving support ship doing salvage and search and rescue around NZ and the Pacific Ocean (attended US Navy RIMPAC 2020). A console and some games that can be played offline whilst at sea would be a great morale addition for the enlisted crew in their mess deck (rec space).

We shipped this Supply Crate out to Aston so that he could hand-deliver the goods to the folks on the HMNZS Manuwanui. While this was not a typical Supply Crate send out for us, Aston made sure to let us know when it arrived via Twitter:

Thanks to Grimli's efforts in fundraising, we were able to send out this crate to New Zealand. We hope to send more out to allied units like this, so be sure to spread the news far and wide about our programs to any allied nation Veterans and Active Duty Military members that you may know. If you are one such Veteran or Active service member, fill out our Supply Crate request form.

It's always that big red button. Hit it to find out all the ways you can help our Veterans while working with a pretty great nonprofit organization.

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