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Supply Crate – Navy Seabees

Good morning. We have a Supply Crate update for you here. This time we sent a gaming care package out to a unit of Navy Seabees (Navy rating - CB). What are Seabees? These are the folks who build temporary and permanent structures in U.S. military locations. Much of the time, they're part of the first round of troops that get sent to places overseas to build bases and construct anything that bases may need. Before we get into our update, here is your video game quote of the day:

What is better? To be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? - Paarthurnax, Skyrim

This unit of Seabees is stationed overseas, and Christopher, our point-of-contact that submitted the Supply Crate application, thought they could use a gaming console and games for their MWR.

I have multiple junior troops working hard here in [redacted] on their first deployment. With our Navy Seabees' “Can Do” attitude we build and fight no matter the situation, and these young troops have been working extra hard to complete the mission.

We're happy to provide for these junior troops to relax after a long day of constructing and building. A crate was sent out and, even better, received around the Christmas holiday. Christopher sent us this reply:

I can’t thank you enough for the generous donation to our troops. The package arrived inline with the opening of our new MWR for the Navy Seabees, and it brought a lot of smiles to everyone’s face to see everything provided.
Thank you so much!

Perfect timing! Hopefully, those Seabees have a great time with the console and games for many hours to come.

This Supply Crate was sponsored by FNHPaul. FNHPaul made a great sacrifice to fundraise for this Supply Crate, as you can see below.

What a fun time. Want to help Stack Up but not really into eating super spicy stuff or icky beans on stream? We have other ways to volunteer that you can learn more about by hitting that big red button below.

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