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Supply Crate - Moore

We have been busy packing up, and sending Supply Crates. In fact, our most recent crate was sent to Iraq where out new friend SFC Moore is deployed with 51 others. Moore learned about our Supply Crate program and was passionate that we could help him out. Here's what he said:

My name is SFC Moore. I am currently deployed with 51 Soldiers assigned to me. I am no different than anybody else deployed. My request shouldn't hold any more weight than the next Soldier(s) deployed. I am requesting a package because over half my Soldiers are currently experiencing their first combat deployment. Being away from friends, families and the everyday necessities have come at a shock to them. This mission has impacted some Soldiers harder than others, however we still strive to remain one cohesive unit. I promote a team-focused philosophy, so if one Soldier isn't at 100%, then we all aren't at 100%. To make my Soldiers' lives easier I create different activities that the entire team can participate in and socialize with one another. I feel deep down that your program will bring smiles to my Soldiers' faces and raise the morale exponentially. In the event you cannot support our team, I truly understand and would still like to thank you for what you do. You have no idea how much every serviceman/servicewoman appreciates what you do.

Don't sell yourself short soldier, you are a part this military family where all members are important. It's our honor to be able to serve and help you when you need it most. We just finished preparing a crate that would be perfect for the men and women serving with you in Iraq. We've already packed it up and sent it out, it should be getting there... oh wait, its there now.

THANK YOU !!! We received the crate yesterday. I will be taking pictures and getting them to you. The Soldiers were surprised about what was in the crate when they opened it. Thank you again.
Here are some pictures. I will be taking more pictures while the Soldiers play the PS4. Sorry for the late reply, things have been hectic out here. The Soldiers are loving the system.

Wow, thank you for the photos! We are so glad to hear that you and your brothers and sisters are loving the new gear. We hope that things are less hectic for you now so you get to enjoy them even more. We pray that this crate helps your soldiers feel less stressed and cures them of homesickness. Play hard and game on! At Stack Up, we are grateful to have amazing sponsors like SmokingTaco that make it all possible. Thank you for sponsoring this crate and being a a hero for our military family. If you would like to be a hero like SmokingTaco, then please click the big red button below and help us find more candidates for our Supply Crate Program.

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