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Supply Crate - Mondello

We have another fun story to share with all of you about our latest Supply Crate mission! For this mission, we flew a crate out all the way to an Air Base in Saudi Arabia for an 18 year Air force veteran named Mondello. The reason that Mondello needed a crate was because the base that he is stationed at was pretty bare bones, so we thought we would liven the place up a bit with an awesome gaming care package. We'll let Mondello tell more about their situation:

I'm an 18 year veteran on my 6th deployment, this time to Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia. We're establishing a bare base here since it originally closed down in 2006. My team is made up of younger people on their first deployment. Our job is to ensure reception and departure is met for all deploying and redeploying people into the Air Base.
We'd benefit from this because it is a bare base location with limited access to many conveniences of a larger base like Kuwait or Qatar. It would boost morale considerably amongst everyone.

We read you loud and clear Airman! We respect the job you and your team are doing by revamping an old base, so to show our thanks, we would love to share one of our sweet Supply Crates with you. We are sending it lighting speed so stay on the lookout!

We received it!! Thank you!! I cannot thank you folks enough. I'll be wearing your shirt to Origins in June. And I've already told my board gaming friends to give a shout out on their podcast Brawling Brothers.
My team is eternally grateful for your kindness and generosity. Thank you. :-)

We Appreciate the love and the shoutout! Making sure troops like you and your team are taken care of and happy means the world to us, and we are so glad to hear that you are enjoying your crate. We look forward to seeing you at Origins. This crate could not have been sent by us alone. Stack Up is blessed to have wonderful sponsors like CaptainBerks, who with all their hard work, made sending this crate possible. Thank you so much for helping Stack Up and supporting our troops. YOU DA MAN!

If you want to be DA MAN, or help Stack Up find veterans who are deserving of our crates then please click the button below and fill out a form to help members of our military today.

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