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Supply Crate – Michael

It's November! Which means our Veterans Day push to our $600k goal to serve Veteran and Active Duty mental health through gaming is on!

Before we get into that, let's talk about our latest Supply Crate update. Michael is an Army Veteran with PTSD who would like to share our mission with other Veterans he knows through the VFW and American Legion:

I know multiple gamers who are combat/disabled veterans I would like to share this info to others who also have served with me or my comrades that I have made after the military, I am involved now with volunteer organizations VFW/American Legion. I served in OIF 7 in Tikrit Iraq. I also served 4 years active duty with The Old Guard. Total military career was 10 years. I am also a disabled veteran with 80% service disability connection with PTSD.

When it comes to other Veteran organizations, we like to think of working with them as other specialists who are committed to helping Veterans and Active Duty troops. Some people are going to need as many support systems as they can be provided with. Not everyone will be able to meet an individual Veteran's every need, so the more, the merrier.

We sent a Supply Crate to Michael, and he replied back to us:

Thank you so much, I really appreciate the efforts of your volunteers for supporting veterans like me. Truly it goes unmatched. I survived a heart attack back in December, I am glad I survived long enough to receive my supply crate. I have a long road of recovery ahead on top of a disability retirement, I live alone in a very rural community, I don't get out much. I served from 2000-2010 from Ground Zero at the Pentagon on 9-11 to Operation Iraqi Freedom. I suffer from ptsd, anxiety and depression. This really brings me happiness knowing there are folks out there who really care about the men and women who have defended and are defending the greatest nation on the earth. I hope to share this blessing with other veterans out there. I am close with the veteran community here and I will share what you do for us. This will help me share with others, and get through the tough times I have ahead.
Respectfully and sincerely,
Michael Goldthrite SGT US Army

Sounds like we got this Supply Crate out to Michael with perfect timing. We really hope he enjoys it and continues to connect with other Veterans through gaming, and wish Michael a full recovery.

Zuaniich sponsored Michael's Supply Crate. Check them out on Twitch if you have the chance.

As we mentioned, November is here. Which means Veterans Day is upon us. We're pushing towards our $600k goal to continue supporting Veteran & Active Duty Military mental health through our programs, such as our Supply Crates and suicide prevention support, Overwatch. The Overwatch Program can be found in our discord.

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