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Supply Crate – Michael

Michael is an Army Veteran who suffered some losses and, as a result, had a tough time mentally with his time in service, as he told us in his request:

I enlisted when I was 18, shipped to fort Jackson for my BCT, after graduating I left for Fort Lee where I completed my AIT and became a qualified member of the Quarter Master Corps. After completing AIT I was sent to my first unit, which was was 602d aviation support battalion. During that time of me being overseas my father passed away from covid 19. It was hard for me and my family back home, I sent over what I could to help with bills and food for my mother and brother. I became lost and hopeless, thinking I was unable to accomplish what I dreamed of doing. After 602d I PCSed over to 1-1 CAV in fort bliss Texas. From there my transition was difficult but I met a long lasting brother there who made sure I understood what I had to if I had any questions. Months go by and it get hit with a wave of depression and anxiety, I started to become late to formations, work, and not being able to sleep. My NCO came to me and had a talk, took off his OCP top and stated “Man to man, not sergeant to specialist. Tell me what’s going on what is said here is between me and you unless I feel that I need to let others know.” I informed him of how I was feeling, and what could help me cope. We attempted that stuff but nothing worked so I asked him to escort me to BH. Made my appointments and attended them as needed. April 2022 I was informed that I will be getting seperated. Then came July 2022 I was sent home and residing home at this moment in time trying to fit back into the civilian life. Sold a lot of my stuff and gave the money to my mother for her and my brother so they can have the money to do what they have to or can do or want to do they can smile and be happy. A supply crate would impact the way I cope with all these different mental demons that are running around in circles in my head, it will give me a distraction so I can focus on the things that are most important which are my health, my job and my family. I am trying to start streaming as well, so I can make a impact/relations with others who go through what I do, me being a good candidate will show that I can provide many paths to others show that there is more to what we are doing or can do if we put our minds to it, and to show that videogames aren’t always bad for a person.

We definitely believe in the power of gaming here. While gaming addiction is real, when used to cope in a healthy manner along with other healthy coping mechanisms, gaming can be a great way to chill out and deal with our problems.

It arrived in perfect condition thank you guys for what you do you helped me alot. Now I can play with friends of mine from my old unit!

We hope Michael enjoys gaming in his free time. It can be tough to try taking care of family, but we are rooting for you.

The_Toni_Rex sponsored Michael's Supply Crate. We thank her for the support, and we hope Toni_Rex is doing well in whatever endeavors she's been up to!

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