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Supply Crate – Michael

Welcome to our latest Supply Crate update. Today we're sharing the story of Michael, a Veteran whose wife reached out to us about receiving a Supply Crate to give Michael something to enjoy and unwind with.

I am writing this on behalf of my disabled husband, I am his legal caregiver as stated on all V.A. records. He joined the Army just month's prior to 9/11 happening, he went on to help America establish their presence in Iraq. While there he was in a humvee crash that broke his back, neck, and left wrist. The aftermath of the crash has been much worse, he can barely remember his wallet, where we are going , and what we are doing. This means we spend a lot of our time at home where everything is safe and stays the same. Receiving this Supply Crate would not only take care of the day to day boredom, but it would help him bound with our children. His son and my daughter( a role he did not ask for but has excelled in since we met.) Thank you for your time and consideration.

Like many of our Veterans, Michael has been through a lot. We knew we had to do something for this deserving individual, and as always, we put together a gaming care package with an Xbox Series S, peripherals, and Game Pass code.

After receiving his crate, Michael messaged us, letting us know he was happy with the crate and thanking his sponsor and our partners over at Regiment for providing him with a gaming community.

Thank you
for selecting me for the honor of receiving a StackUp crate!
The kids and I will definitely be putting it to good use!
Thank you
for having me.
It's an honor.
GGs always

It's our honor to serve you, and other Veterans like you, Michael. If you know of any gamers out there looking for community, Regiment has been a great partner to us in fundraising and building gaming community among our Veterans. Check out their discord.

Little_Percent sponsored Michael's Supply Crate. We thank her for meeting the Call to Arms to help us support Veterans like Michael. You can find her on Twitch!

Answer the Call to Arms to support Stack Up as we continue to deliver gaming care packages to US and Allied Active Duty servicemembers and Veterans around the world. Hit that button below to get started.

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