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Supply Crate – Michael

There are a lot of reasons people send in requests to Stack Up. Sometimes, they gave up gaming for a while because of stuff going on with their lives, changing financial situations, or, in today's case, simply because they lost their love of it for a while.

I am a 100 percent service connected vet.  I have lost my love of gaming.  It used to be a great social outlet.  cheaters and just life progressing has made our group not as close.  I have really wanted a switch but have not had the money.   I would love if you could help me.    I need something to help me get back to one of my loves and something a little different.    Thanks for your time to consider me.

The Nintendo Switch is a great console for gaming with folks in person as much as online. There are just so many games Nintendo has made that encourage multiplayer gaming.

We sent Michael a Nintendo Switch to help him get back into gaming and potentially build a new love for it.

Thanks to Stack up and their great sponsors!

Thanks for reaching out, Michael.

Today's Supply Crate was sponsored by Fox_Face. Fox_Face is part of the Veterans Entertainment Team and is a Marine Corps Veteran. Fox_Face hasn't streamed in a bit, but that could be due to being busy with college. You're always welcome to check out their Twitch channel.

Looking for a good cause to support? Why not mental health and gaming? We here at Stack Up support Veteran and Active Duty Military mental health through gaming. Our civilian supporters also gain support through their support. Hit the button below to answer the Call to Arms.

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