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Supply Crate – Matthew

Picture of about 40 soldiers all in uniform. Matthew's 88M unit all standing in front of the military transports that they drive.
That's quite a unit.

It's midweek which means the week is halfway over. That also means that we have a Wednesday Supply Crate report for you ready to go. The request came from Matthew, who is an Army Motor Transport Operator. He told us a bit about his 88M unit in his Supply Crate request:

We are on the road a lot and have to work as a team. After long drives due to being an 88m, the brothers and I love to play videos games to calm down after the stressful drives. We are in Germany and the roads are very stressful here.

The Playstation 4 is set on a table with two computer monitors, 12 PS4 games, and Thank You note for GremlinGamin.
Who could say no to a new Playstation 4?

It sounds like Matthew and his crew could use a de-stressor. So, of course, we got a Supply Crate out to Matthew and his unit with a new Playstation 4 and games.

Me and my family are super thankful! It was a huge surprise! Thank you so much for supporting active duty and veterans! I can finally play with my fellow soldiers and family in Germany! You guys are amazing!

Picture of Supply Crate with Playstation 4, PS4 games, an extra PS4 controller and two Army green Stack Up t-shirts. Thank you note is to GreminGamin.
"Veterans are our mission, gaming is our passion."

We're all brothers in arms. We're glad we could help Matthew and his unit. This Supply Crate can provide some escapism after a long day of hard work and stress. It doesn't solve everything, but it can help.

GremlinGamin sponsored this crate through 2020's Call to Arms. Thank you for your support, GremlinGamin.

To get involved with this year's Call to Arms, be sure to go to this link and register and set up your DonorDrive page. If you need help or have questions, you can reach one of our IRTs or

Click the button below to learn how to help in other ways.

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