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Supply Crate – Marvin

It's November, which means we are making our major push to our $600k goal. Before we talk more about that, we have a Supply Crate update to share with you. Marvin is deployed overseas, and he wanted a gaming system to reward a to-be-selected soldier with as a way to thank them for their dedication while deployed.

We have a lot of soldiers from enlisted to officers who this is their first time deploying. Some of the officers are over working their soldiers and morale is at an all time low. I’m the company commander of a Headquarters company and staff runs their section. I’ve opened my tent up to my soldiers as a place to get away and relax since we have not been allowed to take MRW trips off post. I have a good bit of soldiers in my company that like to game so once or twice a month I want to have game nights for all who’s work schedule allows them to come, we have some dvds to have movie nights as well. At the end of the development the soldier who shines the most will be gifted the system as a thanks for their hard work.

Gaming is increasingly popular among our troops. Current game consoles are pretty expensive, so we're glad to support this Supply Crate request and help reward a deserving soldier.

Marvin sent us some great photos in reply to receiving the Supply Crate. He also sent us a video! Check it out below.

Thank you for thinking of me with the care package, I was elated to be chosen.

You are always welcome, Marvin.

The Twitch Chicago community sponsored Marvin's gaming care package. Thanks to this fantastic community for their support. They host meetups for Chicago area Twitch streamers, and if you're interested in getting involved with them, check out their website.

As we mentioned, November is here, and we are making our push to $600k! We need all the funds we can get to support our programs benefitting Veteran and Active Military mental health, whether that's by sending them a gaming care package or supporting their mental health through our peer-to-peer support crisis line available via Stack Up's discord. Donate, fundraise, and share the news! Help us reach our goal.

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