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Supply Crate – Mario

Did you know that you can click the tags at the bottom of this post and check out other Supply Crates? You can even look and see if the sponsor of today's crate has sponsored other crates! Or even check out crates we've sent to specific branches of the Military.

Today's update comes from Mario, who is in the Navy:

I would like to get one of these consoles so I can play with my daughters and spend more family time with them. Also to relieve stress from work and life it self.

Whether servicemembers are looking to continue connecting with family or looking for a console to enjoy in the shop during their off time, we're here to help. We sent out a Nintendo Switch and plenty of games to keep Mario and his fellow servicemembers busy. (We're aware of the potential jokes, shush.)

Ian, thank you very much for the crate, I received it today! This will help my shop and myself pass time while we do detachments to Asia and Europe!

Good luck, and much gaming to Mario.

Hyf1res sponsored Mario's crate. He's a Facebook Gaming streamer. Thank you to Hyf1re and community for raising enough to help us get a Supply Crate out to Mario and fuel our other programs dedicated to Veteran & Active Military mental health through gaming.

What's this button below? If you hit it, you can find out!

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