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Supply Crate – Marcetta

Today's Supply Crate update was one we absolutely knew we had to get out. Marcetta is a cancer survivor who has remained dedicated to her work treating the mental health of others even as she undergoes treatment herself. We'll let her tell you all about it:

History of combat related ptsd. Currently a psychiatric nurse practitioner working at fort Rucker seeing soldiers and treating their ptsd among other things. Love my job all was well until 2/25/20 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I continued to see my patients remotely during my chemo and radiation. This really has thrown me off. I am looking for that distraction....a supply crate would help me decompress from my worries and anxiety and offer a brief escape. I need to be my best to take care of the mental health needs as a psychiatric nurse practitioner for our active duty soldiers and other beneficiaries each day. I continue with my cancer treatments and I am looking forward to my chemo to be over in august!

Marcette complete treatment as you can read in August of last year and seems to be doing well based on her responses to us.

I was so excited to get my STACK UP box today.
I am a 90% disabled veteran and I am honored to take care of active duty military and retired military but it can definitely take its toll….
I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner on an army base and I see mainly soldiers, some with very significant traumatic experiences. I try to leave it all at work. My son is a gamer and I can’t figure out his games or controllers . As soon as we opened this up he helped me set it up and off we went playing together laughing mother and son….. the long day melting away.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart

Play on, Marcetta. Play on.

Saybin sponsored Marcetta's, Supply Crate. Thanks, Saybin, for answering the Call to Arms, and we hope you come back to fundraise for us again!

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