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Supply Crate – Marc

Hello, there! We're all heading back home from PAX East right now, and we had a great weekend at the event. The folks attending the event donated nearly $6k total, and four donors offered up $1 for each person that took a selfie at our booth up to $100 for a total of $400. Amazing to see! If you're on Twitter, check out #TeamStackUp to see all of our new friends.

Back to our Supply Crate update, Marc is a disabled Veteran who was nominated for a Supply Crate for all of the reasons below:

Marc is a dedicated father and husband. He is 80% disabled from service and suffers from multiple health problems, yet still does everything in his power to provide for his family. He has an autistic child and a disabled wife making his life even more difficult outside of his former service. He served 3 years and 21 weeks of active duty before becoming disabled and unable to reenlist like he wanted. A console and games would help him get his mind off reality from time to time and be able to play with his daughter who is nonverbal.

Marc sounds like a great guy, so of course, we had to get him a console and games in appreciation. Hopefully, his daughter enjoys gaming with him!

Thank you so much for my stack up crate! I love it! It’s a wonderful gift thank you again! I know this will help keep my mind distracted with the loss of many family members through this pandemic.

Thank you, Marc, for your response. We're glad to help however we can.

DreamWarrior sponsored this Supply Crate. We hope to see him again later this year, along with his fantastic community. Check him out here.

Want to get involved with Stack Up? We're often looking for volunteers to help us with our booth at PAX and other gaming and geek conventions. Learn all the ways you can volunteer at the button below.

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