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Supply Crate – Logan

Supply Crates are just one of the many ways Stack Up supports our Veterans and Active Duty troops. If you're ever curious about the other programs, be sure to check out the rest of the website.

Today's update comes from Logan, who was quickly deployed overseas after transferring to the army from the Marines. Read all about it here:

I, Logan, am currently deployed in combat operations in Baghdad, Iraq. I joined the Army this past July, transitioning from the US Marine Corps. 2 days after swearing into the Army I was advised I was on the Manning Doc for this deployment. I have 40 soldiers here at our sight of operation. We were unable to bring many bags or items, aside from issued gear with us. For many of the soldiers here, this is their first deployment. I am wanting to get some items to try and make a small MWR style room with video game hookups to assist with moral and the over-all mental wellness of the soldiers. This is the first time since WWII that the 29th ID has deployed over seas for combat operations, and my goal is to make it as memorable as possible. With the stress of a combat environment, it is extremely important to me to look out for the wellbeing of my soldiers. We are a part of the VA Army National guard, mobilized for 13 months. Myself and many of my soldiers are Virginia Law Enforcement Officers in our civilian lives and many others are also first responders in the field of fire and rescue. I have soldiers here that have had children born since we have been gone. I myself leave behind my wife and 9 month old baby girl, my first born. I would humbly request Alpha Battery be considered for sponsorship.

We're glad Logan reached out to us because we, of course, can help him with setting up a gaming area for morale. We sent the crate out, and Logan received it and sent the reply below:

Sorry for the delay! We received your shipment and are ever so grateful! It is amazing how much this assistance provides a boost in morale and cohesion. Thank you again so much. We have definitely been talking about your organization and how we support what it is that you are doing.
SSG Heishman, Logan

Gaming is not for everybody, but for the people who love it, it's the best way to get out of our heads and escape.

Emery, a Veteran and content creator extraordinaire, knows the importance of troop morale and helped us out by fundraising so we can keep sending Supply Crates out like this one. Thanks to Emery and her fans for answering the Call to Arms. Check out her twitch channel.

Are you ready to answer the call yourself? Hit the Phalanx Coin button below and help Stack Up keep reaching the next level by donating or fundraising.

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