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Supply Crate – Logan

Look out! This Supply Crate update has plenty of pictures! Thanks to recipient Logan, who requested a Supply Crate for a couple of soldiers working for him to enjoy in their downtime.

I am the NCOIC on an Isolated fob with no PX, religious services or anything to keep my soldiers occupied. The 2 soldiers under me have never deployed and I want to find a way to keep them from getting depressed while they are here. Anything that you would be able to provide would be much appreciated. THANK YOU

No problem, Logan. We're happy to provide some fun to keep our troops occupied. We sent a crate out to them, and Logan reached back out to let us know that the soldiers were moved. However, that also means Logan has plenty to do in his off time now.

Thank you so much for your donation, it is the only thing to do at my location. The support you have given has made this a much easier time for me. I'm sorry the pictures only have me in them my command team put my soldiers at a different location so I have I have just been by myself.

Thanks, Logan, for reaching out! Game on.

SuperMarkio sponsored this Supply Crate. He's been a joyful contributor to Stack Up and our mission. Check out his Twitch channel.

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